Next Gen Durability


The next generation of dependable storage solutions has arrived, ushering in a new age of reliability and corrosion resistance!

DuroVaulT Storage Systems are built to outlast the test of time, in even the worst of municipal and industrial environments.


Warren T Planker

(The Oracle of Equipment and DuroTechnics Engineer)

“We needed chemical cabinets and equipment enclosures that would hold up in harsh industrial environments. To get top-quality storage systems that met our standards, it turned out we had to make them ourselves. Our DuroVaulT Storage Systems work for us and they’ll work for you. Year after year.”

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DuroVault’s Industrial Workhorse: AlumiBlock secure aluminum cabinets and enclosures built for Extreme Rugged Durability!


AlumiBlocks come in multiple stock models with a variety of standard shapes and sizes to choose from. DuroVault offers full customization, delivery, and installation services. The AlumiBlock line has a lot to choose from, including access hatches and doors, insulation kits, platforms and shelves, pump support brackets, and many more accessory options!

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