Water Pollution Control


BioTriad Environmental, Inc. offers a full line of water pollution control products for use in agricultural, commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications.

We have a wide array of water treatment solutions available through our network of Value Team Partners.



Antifoam Agents

Excessive foam can cause a variety of problems including visibility reduction, pump failure, and effluent pollution. Selection of an appropriate foam control product can be crucial to a smooth-running operation.



Boiler Water Treatment

Proper boiler feed chemistry can significantly reduce equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and boiler failure. BioTriad’s network of expert Value Team Partners can help develop a treatment plan that works for your specific project.



Corrosion Control

Corrosion management is a critical aspect of operations for most facilities. Treatment of corrosive compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid can extend the life-expectancy while reducing downtime and failure rates for industrial equipment. 



FOG Control

Fats, Oils, and Grease can clog pipes, cause overflows, and lead to equipment failure. BioTriad offers a number of solutions for the treatment of FOG contamination.



Scale Control

Mineral scale deposits can build up on the interior of pipes and process equipment, restricting water flow and eventually leading to failure and destruction. Scale control keeps operations up and running while saving an enormous amount of money globally every year.



Water Purification

Water purification is a term that refers to a variety of treatment methods, including dewatering, disinfection, solids separation, and water filtration. Whether purifying drinking water, process water, or effluent water, this sector is increasingly important.