The Lofoten Islands

Captivating Afternoon Scene of Sakrisoy Village, Norway. Adobe Stock, By Andrew Mayovskyy

Winter Seascapes

The Lofoten Islands

This winter’s pictorial journey takes us north of the Arctic Circle to Nordland County in Northern Norway. Here we find the Lofoten Islands, home to spectacular icy seascapes with jagged snowy mountains rising up from the Norwegian Sea.

Reine, Norway, Lofoten islands. Adobe Stock, By Feel Good studio.

A Picturesque Archipelago

For over a thousand years, fishermen have braved the arctic waters along the jagged northern coast of Norway. Early inhabitants shared the same fantastic scenery that we enjoy today. Lofoten is a timeless region of rugged natural beauty.

This fascinating Archipelago is one of the most photographed winter seascapes in Scandinavia, with quaint fishing villages, daunting mountains of solid rock, and the wild natural world of the Nordics!

Panoramic view from above to Sakrisøya Island with mountains on background at sunrise – Lofoten Islands, Norway. Europe. Adobe Stock, By Olga

Orca / Killer Whale of Norway – Lofoten. Adobe Stock, By Tobias

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Winter Seascapes


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