World Health Day


Health and Your Environment


One of the most important factors in your health is the habitat you live in.

Whether your workplace, home, gym, or the natural world around you, a healthy environment is paramount to personal health.

Clean Air is the Key

Clean air is detrimental to your health. Poor air quality can negatively affect your lungs and limit the flow of oxygen to the rest of your body, thereby causing harm to your overall health. Air pollution can cause several serious health problems while complicating a long list of diseases and ailments. For these reasons and many others we are focusing this year’s World Health Day on air quality.

Air Screening?

The doctor says to get your bloodwork done. Get your prostate checked.  Eye exams, bloodwork, mammograms…. scopes… x-rays… the older you get, the more tests.  But where’s the prescription for indoor air quality screening?  Good people, the air you’re breathing may be worse for you than you know.

A quick internet search for “Indoor air quality test near me” will give you over a hundred million results.

What else can be done? Change the air filters in your house and car. Make sure the filters are clean in your club, gym, office, and/or school. Open windows and ensure proper ventilation when painting or using chemical cleaners. Close the windows when the pollen count is high. Wear a dust mask when working in a contaminated environment.

For goodness’ sake, don’t introduce air pollutants into your lungs intentionally!

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking and vaping; use at your own risk, because they are risky! You don’t have to throw away your incense, fragrance diffusers, or scented candles, but do try to limit their use. Make sure your stove exhaust is vented to outside your house if cooking with gas.


Happy World Health Day, good people! Breathe easy and be happy!

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Health and Your Environment

How does the quality of your personal habitat affect your physical condition? Learn how changes to your environment can lead to increased health and well-being.