Earth Day 2024

The State of the Environment


We are at a unique point in time for environmental science with billions of fingers on the Earth’s pulse.  We all see the writing on the wall: it is time to take action.  According to many scientists, the planet is at a critical tipping point that requires extreme measures. Fortunately, we have come very far, very quickly, and there is a lot to look forward to.


The Outlook

2024 is forecast to be a great year for environmental advances, with astounding innovations anticipated in many crucial areas.


Solar and wind power are expected to set all-time highs in gigawatts of new capacity added globally this year. Hydropower projections point at record growth. The international community is expected to operate more energy-efficiently than ever before in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Electric car manufacturers are expecting exponential sales growth that will set new records. There are multiple new electric truck models expected to be launched this year. Engineers and contractors are working overtime to get the power grids ready to support a massive wave of new charging stations.

With so many species teetering on the brink of extinction, there is a bright spotlight shining on environmental conservation and protection efforts.  We are expecting millions of acres of protected land to be added to the billions of acres now designated as forever wild.

Solid waste management and wastewater treatment processes are being perfected.  Air emission and water effluent standards are being rewritten. Runoff contaminants are more strictly controlled than ever before. A higher percentage of people are working from home, reducing transportation emissions. The recycling rate is increasing. Efficiencies are going through the roof.

With so much good news, you would think everyone would be jumping for joy.  But we aren’t there yet, people. Everything considered, we are doing alright. Not great. Just alright.

For every acre protected, how much virgin wilderness is slashed and burned? For every new electric vehicle manufactured, how many new drivers are coming of age? Sometimes it seems like there are two steps back for every one in the right direction.

Still, we’ll take every win we can get.  Positive steps. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the many good things in the world today.

Let’s keep our noses to the grindstones and see how much change we can achieve!

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