Torque Pass Service

The Torque Pass keeps your critical equipment running strong with equipment management programs.

BioTriad has added more tools to your chest with new maintenance, repair, and routine service options!

Build a service program tailor-fit to your unique application, with only the work items you need and want! Choose Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and/or Annual Service Intervals to create a Torque Pass plan that works for you!

Bundle Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and All Service Work in one affordable Turn-Key Program! Add Analytical Services, Design and Review, and Inventory Management for Ultimate Protection!

Warren T. Planker

(The Oracle of Equipment Design)

“Staffing is becoming a major issue for many of our industrial and municipal customers. We’re trying to ease that pain with our Torque Pass Service Options.”


With BioTriad’s Torque Pass, the power and control of your equipment is in your hands. Give us a call, text, or email to build a plan that works for you.


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