Wildfire Awareness Month

Raging Forest Spring Fires, Adobe Stock, by Aleksandr Lesik

National Wildfire Awareness Month


May is National Wildfire Awareness Month, the perfect time to promote wildfire awareness, education, prevention, and preparedness efforts. Most wildfires in North America are caused by humans, meaning that most are avoidable.  

Firefighter Using Water in Fire Fighting Operation, Adobe Stock, by Subinpumsom


Wildfire Safety Subjects

  • Campfire Safety
  • Control Rubbish Burns
  • Create Defensible Space
  • Fireworks Safety
  • Grilling Safety
  • Lighter and Match Handling
  • Responsible Equipment Use
  • Smoker Safety

Bighorn Fire in Tucson Arizona, Adobe Stock, by SE Viera Photo

For more information on how to prevent forest fires, visit the official USDA Forest Service web site:

Forest Service

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