The Future of Air


The DuroScrub project is focused on developing the most advanced air pollution control systems in the world.

This far-reaching venture seeks to produce next-level air purification systems engineered to last a lifetime.

Warren T Planker

(The Oracle of Engineering and a Critical Member of BioTriad R & D)

“This isn’t just another air purification system; it is the dawn of a new era. The end of wasteful disposability and the beginning of an age of Rugged Durability.”

Among the most important of BioTriad’s research and development projects is DuroScrub, a series of air purification systems designed to remove contaminants from the atmosphere.

The company foresees an extensive line that includes carbon removal, corrosive gas removal, dust control, odor control, and hazardous air pollution control.

One of the more ambitious project objectives involves the longevity of the equipment. BioTriad hopes to build a platform for these innovative air scrubbers that can last decades in harsh industrial environments, enabling them to offer a lifetime warranty.

Because clean air should last forever!

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The DuroScrub Project

BioTriad's New Far-Reaching DuroScrub Air Purification Project.