The DuroScrub Project


BioTriad Environmental, Inc. announced this morning the launch of its DuroScrub Air Purification Project.

This far-reaching venture seeks to produce next-level air purification systems engineered to last a lifetime.


Warren T. Planker

(The Oracle of Engineering)


“We were called in to replace an air scrubber at a sewage plant. It was twelve years old and already heading for the scrap yard. I thought, when did we become such a disposable society? Why not make an air scrubbing system that could last a lifetime?”

At this point in the planning stage of DuroScrub product development the company is focused on refining the project objectives. How far is the R & D department willing to go in their quest for Extreme Rugged Durability? Is a lifetime warranty within reach? Can effectiveness and reliability be raised to a new standard?

It isn’t enough that BioTriad is planning to develop the next generation of air scrubbing systems. The corporation is looking to define the next generation. Where does air purification go from here? A project of this scale, set to break down the barriers of scrubbing technology, is likely to change the future of air pollution control forever.

The DuroScrub project is a far-reaching venture seeking to develop the most advanced air pollution control systems in the world with a level of rugged durability second to none.

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