Quadrantid Showers

Meteor Shower in the Starry Night Sky. Adobe Stock, by Paulista

Seasonal Sky Watch

Quadrantid Showers


The Quadrantid meteor shower is famous for its fireball meteors that produce colorful explosions of bright light when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. The Quadrantids are most visible from the Northern Hemisphere, with a narrow length of maximum activity that only lasts for a few hours.

The Earth crosses the Quadrantids particle stream from late December to the middle of January. This year the peak viewing time is forecasted to be on the night of January 3rd into the early morning hours of January 4th.


How to View


Meteor showers are best viewed from locations away from light pollution. Find a dark place with a clear view of the northeast sky and bring a blanket, because it is January.

Boy in the Night Watching Stars in the Sky. Adobe Stock, by Zanni

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The night sky is forever changing with the Earth’s daily rotation and annual orbit around the sun. Every time you glance up at the stars you get a different view of the cosmos, like a living work of art.