Winter Media Times

Into the Frost

Winter brings a different experience to our lives with the cold, crisp wind and the ever-changing environment.

This frosty season Environmental Image Works is heading out to capture spectacular scenes for your viewing pleasure.

One morning we wake up to find morning frost has covered our landscapes, and then there’s the first snow. The world transforms into a winter wonderland, with sparkling ice and glittering scenery.

Many brave spirits bundle up and head out to meet blizzards, freezing rain, and ice storms, head-on! Then there are those who would prefer to close their windows and settle into their indoor media worlds.

That’s where Winter Media Times comes in. When extreme weather strikes, we take the outdoor world to you. So, stoke those fires and pull up your winter blankets, we’ve got you covered. Environmental Image Works takes the environment to you, one image at a time.

Environmental Media Works

Environmental Image Works was created to expand the environmental horizon until conservation efforts and protections cover all facets of life.

Environmental Image Works

Environmental Image Works is the section of EMW tasked with capturing, creating, and delivering the highest quality of photographic and digital environmental imagery.