Flightless in the Antarctic

Jumping Penguins, Adobe Stock, by Staphy

Penguin Awareness Day

Flightless in the Antarctic

The Antarctic Circle is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Penguins. Tens of millions of penguins. Flightless birds waddling awkwardly over the ice and snow. 



Penguins have adapted well to aquatic life with wings that are more like flippers. Unfortunately, these sleek appendage are useless for flight.

Adelie Penguin Diving Off an Iceberg in Antarctica, Adobe Stock, by Willtu

Adelie Penguin Group Leaping into Ocean, Paulet Island in Antarctica, Adobe Stock, by Slowmotiongli

Some would call it bad luck, being a bird, and unable to fly.

Adelie Penguins Play and Dive from an Iceberg in Antarctica, Adobe Stock, by Sandy

Imagine if these poor little creatures got the chance, just once, to fly.

And who’s going to tell them they can’t?

Penguin Awareness Day. 


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