The Torque Pass

Introducing BioTriad’s Torque Pass, your one-way ticket to customized equipment management.

Pick and choose the options you need and build a Torque Pass plan that fits your unique application!

Bundle Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services in one affordable Turn-Key Program! Add Analytical Services, Design and Review, and Inventory Management for Ultimate Protection!

Take control of your periodic equipment maintenance and management needs with Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual options! Use our Torque Pass Hotline for As-Needed repairs and services! (888) OK-TRIAD


Warren T. Planker

(The Oracle of Equipment)

“These days you can buy a protection plan on everything else. Why not a plan for municipal and industrial equipment? We talked about it, wrote it up, and the Torque Pass Program was born.”


With BioTriad’s Torque Pass, the power and control of your equipment is in your hands. Give us a call, text, or email to build a plan that works for you.


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