Composting Mania

Learn About Composting


Sometimes to go green, all one needs is determination and know-how.  Take composting, for example. Once you understand the basics, it can be easy! You may be asking, why would this be important to me? Composting recycles natural resources and reduces the amount of waste that winds up in landfills, all while providing a useful component for farming and gardening! And it’s fun!

What is compost? Organic waste that has been decomposed to form fertilizer.

What organics can be used to make compost? Animal waste (manure or pet), green waste (lawn clippings or fallen leaves), and food waste (table scraps).

What materials are not suitable for composting? Chemicals, metals, plastics, or anything that cannot be decomposed to produce suitable food for plants.

There are a lot of options available for composting equipment, from simple bins you can use to store your organics to household composting machines and, for large operations, massive loaders, screens, windrow turners, and a variety of other heavy-duty equipment.

How you compost depends on who you are and where you are. Contact your town and county officials for more information on what you can do to compost and get ready for a recycling extravaganza!

A special thanks to everyone in the composting industry!  Whether agriculture, biosolids, food waste, greenwaste, or any other composting field, your hard work isn’t going unnoticed!  We appreciate you!


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