Dairy Month



Every now and then we need to take time to consider all the things we’re grateful for. Butter, cheese, cream, cream cheese, custard, ice cream… Who can say no to Ice Cream! Milk, sour cream, whey, whipped cream… That’s right! Can’t forget the whipped cream! Buttermilk, gelato, and yogurt… FROZEN YOGURT!

Nobody works as hard as a farmer, and dairymen work harder than most. The staff at dairy processing plants continue to tirelessly bring lacticinia to our homes! The engineers who design the plants and regulators who oversee continually provide safe dairy products for our tables!

Dairy products are packed with essential nutrients to keep us healthy and incredible taste to keep us happy. Hooray for milk!



A special thanks to everyone in the dairy industry!  From pastures to stalls and farms to processing plants, you keep our toast buttered and our coffee creamed. We tip our hats and  lift our ice cream shakes, here’s to all dairy people, and all dairy cows!  Couldn’t do it without you! Thank you all!


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