The Waters of Jasper

Medicine Lake at Jasper National Park, Adobe Stock, by Hans Debruyne


The Waters of Jasper

By Warren Joseph


Behold, the legendary Jasper National Park. Among the world’s finest. Where you can feel the raw energy of roaring rivers cutting canyons into the Canadian Rockies or sit back and relax on the calm water of tranquil mountain lakes. Views so astounding, it could leave you speechless. For minutes. Hours. At silent peace with the world.

Waterfalls in Maligne Canyon, Adobe Stock, by Ivan Yim

Maligne Canyon

Jasper’s deepest canyon is a must see for any tour, though the hike can be difficult for those who wish to visit in person. The Maligne River has been carving this canyon out of the limestone of the Canadian Rockies for millions of years.

Maligne Canyon River, Adobe Stock, by aiisha

Maligne Canyon, Adobe Stock, by Danita Delimont

Athabasca Falls in Alberta, Adobe Stock, by Matt

Stunning Waterfalls

Jasper’s waterfalls are always flowing strong in the spring, when the rivers are full with meltwater from glaciers and snow. It’s a spectacular time of year to visit this land of wonders!

Spring On Sunwapta Falls, Adobe Stock, by Michael Mamoon

Tangle falls in Autumn on the Icefield Parkway, Adobe Stock, by Peteleclerc

Sunset at iconic and stunning Lake Louise, Adobe Stock, by Scalia Media

Tranquil Lakes

Jasper National Park has so many lakes it would be difficult to count them all. There are over a hundred that have been named, but all offer the clear fresh water and magnificent scenery that Jasper is known for.

Edith Cavell Mountain behind Cavell Lake, Adobe Stock, by Elena Suvorova

Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park, Adobe Stock, by Henryk Sadura

Jasper National Park

Alberta, Canada


Park Information:


Jasper National Park

Post Office Box 10

Jasper, AB T0E 1E0


Phone: 780-852-6176


May 11 to September 27  –  9 am to 7 pm

September 28 to May 9  –  9 am to 5 pm

Dec 25, 26 and Jan 1 Closed

-Warren Joseph

Hope, New Jersey

–  –  –

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