Exotic Zakynthos

Panoramic view of the popular Navagio Beach, Adobe Stock, by Moofushi


Exotic Zakynthos

Zante, Greece


The breathtaking natural beauty of Zakynthos has drawn tourists to its shores for thousands of years. In ancient times this picturesque island found its way into Greek mythology, the poetry of Homer, and some of the earliest written history. It was a pivotal battleground for the Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians, and a slew of others through the ages.

Blue boat parked in the Laganas dock with the Cameo Island in the back, Adobe Stock, by Akolov

There are several Mediterranean islets along the coast of Zakynthos Island, some uninhabited and some with commercial structures and private homes.  All are good photo opportunities and welcome sights for sore eyes.

Aerial view of Marathonisi Island near Zakynthos Island in Greece, Adobe Stock, by Mazur

Picturesque Marathonisi Island in Laganas Bay off the southern coast of Zakynthos is a Greek paradise that offers two of the most beautiful beaches you could ask for.

Mikro Nisi Village on Zakynthos Island, Greece, Adobe Stock, by CCat82

Mikro Nisi is a charming village and beach area located on a small peninsula off the northeastern coast of Zakynthos. If you’re in the area and get the chance, you should stop by for a visit. 

The Blue Caves in Zakynthos (Greece), Adobe Stock, by Wildman

The Blue Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Zakynthos, known for their eroded whitewashed cliffs contrasting with beautiful reflections off the blue water.

The Blue Caves in Zakynthos (Greece), Adobe Stock, by Wildman

The smaller Blue Caves are accessible only by swimming, while some of the larger caves are restricted to boat approach only for safety purposes. It is possible to park above the cliffs and take a long stairway down to the water, but it can be a difficult climb back up if you’re out of shape.

Aerial view of Zakynthos (Zante) town on colorful spring morning on the Ionian Sea, Adobe Stock, by Andrew Mayovskyy

If you’re looking for an exotic island oasis off the sought-after west coast of Greece with a laid-back atmosphere, maybe you’re looking for Zakynthos Island. Another remarkable seasonal seascape to add to your bucket list.

Safe travels my friends! 

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