Tropics Day 2024

Port Douglas beach and ocean on sunny day, Queensland, Adobe Stock, by Martin Valigursky

Equatorial Diversity

By Katelin Kukk


Happy Tropics Day! Every June 29th, this global celebration is meant to share the struggles and amazing biodiversity of life in the countries within the tropics. The tropics are an area of Earth found closest to the equator. Two imaginary lines mark boundaries around the globe: the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Scenery of Wuzhen, a historic scenic water town in Zhejiang, China, Adobe Stock, by Richie Chan

The Tropic of Cancer marks the northern edge with a latitude of 23°27’ N while the Tropic of Capricorn is located on the Southern Edge with a latitude of 23°27’ S. This area is the only place on Earth where the sun shines straight down at times. The countries located within the tropics are usually warm and receive lots of rain. Many of the agricultural products we consume, such as coffee, bananas, nuts, and so much more are grown in the tropics.

Tropico de cancer, Adobe Stock, by Oscar

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Main Ghat at Varanasi in India, Adobe Stock, by dzain

Tropic of Capricorn, Adobe Stock, by Michael

The triple border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil at the confluence of the Parana and Iguazu rivers, Adobe Stock, by Leonid Andronov

Isalo National Park Madagaskar, Adobe Stock, by Jeroen Kleiberg

Throughout history, these imaginary lines have also served as geographical markers for ancient travelers on both land and by sea. One of the oldest forms of navigation: celestial navigation, was made possible by the ability to determine latitude and allowing man to study the path of the sun and the relationship of the stars with respect to these lines. Tropic lines were the first step towards the GPS and radio navigation we use today.

Happy Tropics Day!

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