Great White Might

Great White Shark in blue water, Adobe Stock, bSharkdiver Martin

The Great White


Recent heat waves have brought thousands of good people to the shore for a dip in the cool refreshing ocean. Children playing in the sand, parents watching from their beach chairs, and great white sharks waiting in the saltwater! Before you decide to drink the koolade, take a moment to view our little photo tour and see what may be nibbling at your toes!

Great white shark with cuts, Adobe Stock, by The Ocean Agency

Great Smile, Adobe Stock, by Michael

Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) breaching in an attack, Adobe Stock, by Uryadnikov Sergey

Attack great white shark, Adobe Stock, By Pieter De Pauw

Shark isolated on white, Adobe Stock, by I LOVE PNG

Safe travels, friends!

Don’t worry, the odds of getting attacked by a shark are… well… Too High!

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